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Steven Oliver at 50: A Moai’s tale…

It all starts here…. with a lump of Welsh Ash 🪵 carefully selected from the Yurt 🛖 and vision of what could be….

Let the hacking begin 🔪

Slowly a wisen figure becomes discernible (if you squint 🤔) despite the knots 🪢 in the wood 🪵 which seem impervious to conventional weapons😅 🔪. They put up strong resistance 🩸but ultimately fell under my Hanzo Sword 🗡 🥷
Note to self: Do some actual research on wood types 🪵🪢🪵and properties before embarking on whimsical foray into sculpture

Candlelight 🕯sculpting and nighttime vibes. The beginnings of a Moai emerges 🗿

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