Silver Disco Daps is a lifestyle blog written by Sara Robinson – a mother of one, PR consultant and award-winning columnist. It features articles on travel, parenting, food, politics, feminism, music, fitness, wellbeing and much more.

The blog name? Well…

Silver – I’m a trainee magpie in the making. If it shines,* adds to basket*.

Disco – Because it ain’t no party without a mirror ball, Chic and Diana Ross.

Daps – Or trainers/sneakers to non-Welsh readers. Perfect for running around doing mamstuff or for disco dancing in. I failed the ‘Wearing heels gracefully’ module of the ‘How to be a Woman’ NVQ. I’m no longer ashamed of that. The antidote? Buy sensible shoes that are as shiny as possible. Shimmer in your comfort. Since embracing this truth, I’ve never looked back.

Silver Disco Daps is happy to accept advertising relevant to its readership, and to work with brands and companies on relevant reviews and sponsored posts.

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Hello. I’m Sara. This site is home to my writing for the Western Mail, a newspaper kind enough to publish my internal ramblechats. In 2022 I was named Wales Media Awards Columnist of The Year for this column. Madness. You’ll find me spaffing opinions on feminism, inequality, festivals, tech, art and whatever else pops into my head at 3am the day before deadline. There’s also bonus content, when the muse takes me (WHERE IS SHE TAKING ME? I DIDN’T ORDER THIS CAB! Etc…).

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