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  • Raise a glass to the “friendiversary”

    This column first appeared in The Western Mail in May 2022 Llangrannog, Summer 1992, and the best human being I’ve ever known wandered into my life. Technically, she’d be quick to tell you, I wandered into hers.  We both have a vivid, shared memory of the fateful day our paths first crossed. It was at a…

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  • Beware the corporate “pinkwashing” of International Women’s Day

    This column first appeared in The Western Mail in March 2022 I write this on International Women’s Day. It’s a day that increasingly makes me feel torn. I mean, in principle, I’m glad such a day exists.  After all, we make up half of the world’s population, and it’s nice of the patriarchy to let…

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  • No amount of streetlights will keep women safe on our streets

    This article first appeared in The Western Mail in January 2022 Last week I led a run after a vigil held in memory of 23-year-old Ashling Murphy,  killed earlier this month while out jogging. A journalist asked me why we had organised a vigil for this young woman in particular. The inference being, why was this…

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  • On the fallacy of marriage

    This column first appeared in The Western Mail in December 2021 There’s only one way to interpret the end of Bill and Melinda Gates’ 27-year union. The concept of marriage – a wildly optimistic promise to remain with the same person until one of you carks it – is surely done for. Don’t at me. …

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  • If it was good enough for Einstein: On cycling

    This column first appeared in the Western Mail in November 2021 In this strange old world, nothing is certain except for death, taxes and that there will always be another Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special (**shudders**). Yet one thing I’m sure of is that it’s impossible to be melancholy when you’re riding a bike. There’s…

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  • A love letter to a lost art

    This column first appeared in the Western Mail in October 2021 When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Or, indeed, sat down to indulge in the rare and nostalgic pleasure of writing a letter by hand? In an age of instant electronic communication, where decisions and plans can be made instantly at…

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  • On Green Man Festival

    This column first appeared in the Western Mail in September 2021 A whole month has passed since Green Man festival, and I swear I’ve only just got rid of the last vestiges of glitter from my hair.  And you know something? I’ve kind of enjoyed the shimmering reminder of a beautiful time in the mountains…

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  • Carrying on camping

    This column first appeared in The Western Mail in August 2021 It is a source of mild regret that I only discovered the joy of camping relatively recently. I put that down to the fact that our family never went on camping trips which meant I had no blueprint for holidays under canvas. I can…

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  • What sort of city do we want to leave our children?

    This column first appeared in the Western Mail in June 2021 Earlier this year, a stunning mural appeared on the side of a house I pass every day.  The painting depicts a humpback whale and its calf swimming under the steel structures of a partially submerged Millennium Stadium. It’s a genuinely arresting piece of art,…

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  • Take me to the river….

    This column first appeared in the Western Mail in July 2021 It feels as if I’m writing this from the inside of a McDonalds Apple Pie. Or a small volcano. FOR THE LOVE OF BEELZEBUB, CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TURN DOWN THE THERMOSTAT? Every year, I curse former me for neglecting to buy a fan. Because…

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