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  • Yay Paree: Or how I fell in love with the city of lights…

    “You must REALLY love Paris to keep coming here alone”. So says Pierre (what else would he be called?), sat next to me on the Cardiff – Charles De Gaulle flight this morning. Oh Pierre, I think. If only you knew…. I don’t quite have the words to explain, so I just smile and say…

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  • It’s official. We live in a “post-truth” era.

    I’m sad to say that public relations has had a part to play in creating this mess. While the industry has taken positive steps to embrace transparency, we can’t pretend we’re not part of the problem.

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  • On Trump

    “Nobody respects women more than me” he said in the first Presidential Debate.

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  • Review: Michael Kiwanuka, Tramshed, Cardiff – 17.10.2016

    It’s a treat to watch an act of this stature in this great venue, but I doubt we’ll see him back here again, as bigger things surely beckon.

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  • Things I learned at Oktoberfest

    Thinking of joining the seven million tourists who head to Munich during Oktoberfest? Not even sure what Oktoberfest IS? Look no further. Check out my top tips and insights into a truly unique cultural festival. 1. Bavarians sure knew how to mark a royal wedding When King Ludwig I married Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen in 1810,…

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  • Wales, France and a little man inspired to dare to dream

    I told James, 9, very categorically months ago that we were definitely NOT going to France for the Euros. No way. He begged and pleaded and I trotted out all the reasons I’d made my mind up. It’s during school time, we already have a summer holiday booked, I’m not made of money blah blah…

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  • Ramblings on a post-Brexit hangover and breaking up with a lover

    Dear “Great” Britain, I write this on the Eurostar from Paris, after an unforgettable trip watching Wales get through to the quarter-finals of the Euro 2016 tournament. It felt like living through two bits of history this weekend, only one of which I wanted to witness. Aside from the joy of watching the boys in…

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  • Mes que un jog: On the Barcelona half marathon

    What feels like a lifetime ago, I went on a city break to Madrid, and was amused to find that the boy had packed his running kit so that he could enjoy his usual weekend jog while we were there. “HA! What sort of exercise-obsessed loser eats into valuable café con leche nursing and people…

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  • Walking back to happiness (or: Last month a Fitbit changed my life)

    Don’t run before you can walk, they say. But if 2014 was all about finding my running feet, then the first few weeks of this year have been about finding my, err…feet. Yes; I’ve discovered the sheer, unadulterated joy that is putting one trotter in front of the other. And, dear reader, it’s been a…

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  • How one project helps keep Cardiff’s street-based sex workers safe

    Last night I spent the evening with the outreach team of Streetlife, a project run by Safer Wales, to protect young people and adults in Cardiff from prostitution, abuse and sexual exploitation.  What their dedicated volunteers do REALLY matters. Here’s why. My drive to work through Grangetown to the bay is a short, fairly tedious one. I…

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Hello. I’m Sara. This site is home to my writing for the Western Mail, a newspaper kind enough to publish my internal ramblechats. In 2022 I was named Wales Media Awards Columnist of The Year for this column. Madness. You’ll find me spaffing opinions on feminism, inequality, festivals, tech, art and whatever else pops into my head at 3am the day before deadline. There’s also bonus content, when the muse takes me (WHERE IS SHE TAKING ME? I DIDN’T ORDER THIS CAB! Etc…).

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